Which one is better NetBeans or Eclipse?

By Software Levi

NetBeans and Eclipse are both IDEs. They are made basically for Java application development. NetBeans is developed by Apache Software Foundation and Eclipse is developed by Eclipse Foundation.

So which one is better, NetBeans or Eclipse? Here is a brief comparison between the two.

The Similarities

Both, Netbeans and Eclipse, provide support for Java development out of the box. Which means that when you download them all the tools that you need for Java come with the IDEs.  Moreover, both are free and open-source. Both of them include the basic features that you want in you IDE such as syntax highlighting, auto completion, and refactoring. In addition to that both software can run on all major operating systems such as Windows, macOS and Linux.

The Differences

  • Ease of use: NetBeans is more user-friendly than Eclipse. It is more simple and needs less add-ons (modules in the case of NetBeans and plugins in the case of Eclipse). It is also easier to learn and get familiar with than Eclipse.
  • Extensibility: You can add new features to both the software by downloading add-ons. However these add-ons differ in nature for the IDEs. NetBeans has a modular framework. Every function of the software comes from a module therefore when you want to get a new feature you have to download a new module while to extend Eclipse you have to download plugins. Eclipse has a bigger library of plugins than NetBean’s module library.
  • Functions: Netbeans is equipped with more features than Eclipse if you exclude the add-ons consequently it needs less of them.
  • GUI design tool: NetBean allows you to design GUI simply by dragging and dropping different components in their place.
  • Workplace: Workplace is a term used in Eclipse to define the management of projects. You can edit more than one application in an Eclipse Workplace at the same time.
  • Size and Efficiency: Both IDEs are heavy software but the rate of increase in size and decrease in speed with time of Eclipse is greater.