Pinegrow Web Editor – What you need to know

By Software Levi

An Overview of Pinegrow Web Editor

Pinegrow Web Editor is a website builder that is available on Windows, Linux and macOS. The web editor is a proprietary software which means that is closed-source and is not free to use.

To download Pinegrow Web Editor click here.

Why you need to download Pinegrow?

The website builder allows you to build responsive websites faster. You can live sync it with Microsoft Visual Studio Code and Atom. More features that make the software amazing are listed below.


  • Offline development: You can use the software without an internet connection to develop your websites.
  • Layout building: The builder makes layout building a lot faster. It provides a WYSIWYG interface development which means that you can see exactly how your website is going to look like as you are developing it. The Repeater allows you to duplicate various elements. Moreover the page library lets you drag and drop different elements from the library to your web-page.
  • Dual View:  The dual view of the builder enables you to see both your coding of the website and how it is going to look at the same time.
  • Multiple View: The web editor is able to show how your web-pages are going to look on different devices at the same time. You can then use these multiple views to edit the interface throughout all devices at a single time.
  • Master Page: It makes it faster to develop individual web pages. All you have to do is create a master page then all new web pages would have all the elements of the master page. This ensures consistency in your website.
  • WordPress themes: The software enables you to make custom WordPress themes. You can take any HTML page or build your own, assign WordPress actions to each element of the page and you have a custom WordPress theme.
  • Templates: The software also provides many templates. You can use these templates and customize them to your liking to get a website real quick.