NetBeans – An Integrated Development Environment

By Software Levi

What is NetBeans?

NetBeans is an IDE that is a tool for software development. It was created by Apache Software Foundation. NetBeans has different modules and each module provides the IDE with different features. 

The software is primarily created for using Java for application development. Therefore you get all the necessary modules to support Java development with the IDE when you download it. As for other languages you need to download modules for relevant features.

You can run it on  WindowsmacOSLinux and Solaris.

To download NetBeans click here.

Why should you chose NetBeans?

It is free software and it is also open-source. Another one of its plus points is its GUI design tool. This tool allows you to create Swing GUI by dragging and dropping different elements. You can position, place, add and delete these elements and edit the interface directly and you can see how it is going to look like in real time. Moreover you don’t have to write code for it as the software will automatically generate it.

Main Features

The following are the main features of the IDE apart from the ones mentioned above that make it even better.

  • Extensible: You can download different modules and add them to the software to include new features into it. 
  • Profiler: The profiler helps you detect memory leaks in your code which you can resolve and hence optimize your code.
  • Syntax Highlighting: It is a basic feature present in every text editor and IDE. It helps in detecting and correcting bugs.
  • Auto Completion: This feature differentiates IDEs from text editors (as text editors don’t normally have this feature). Auto completion makes programming faster.
  • Code Refactoring: It makes your code easier to understand and facilitates in detection of errors
  • Apache Maven Support: It provides support for Maven and therefore enables you to perform functions such as import libraries, manage dependencies, and create new Maven projects.
  • Debugger: It runs the code line by line so you can detect where the mistake is.