Microsoft Visual Studio – An IDE loaded with features

By Software Levi

What is Microsoft Visual Studio?

Microsoft Visual Studio is a software development tool to be more precise, it is an integrated development environment (IDE). It was developed by Microsoft. You can develop various software using the IDE such as computer programs, mobile apps and websites. 

It is a closed-source software and you have to buy it since it is not free. It is only available for Windows. 

To download Microsoft Visual Studio click here.


  • Code completion tools: They helps in auto completion of code which makes programming faster. Moreover it helps prevent errors such as typos and missing brackets.
  • Solution Explorer: It allows you to manage your code files and view and navigate different projects. Moreover it aids in organising your work by grouping it into solutions and projects.
  • Team Explorer: It helps in managing your work and also allows you to share your work and collaborate your efforts with others on a single project.
  • Squiggles: These are wavy lines appear under your code when you make an error. This highlights all the mistakes you’ve made in your code and therefore makes it easier to correct them.
  • Quick Actions: It helps you perform tasks like refactoring with a single click. It involves code generation, refactoring, fixing code and suppressing error identification. You can also hover your cursor over squiggles to fix the errors using Quick Actions.
  • Refactoring: Code refactoring makes your code easier to understand by simplifying it. Moreover it also helps in identifying errors.
  • Live Share: This feature lets you share your work with others and each user has a live view of the code. Anytime someone makes changes to the code it is updated in real time for all users. Therefore multiple programmers can work on the same code at the same time.  
  • Debugger: Visual studio allows you to run your code line by line so you can detect where the problem lies if any. Moreover its debugger also provides breakpoint support.
  • Modules: You can download modules for new features.