How to Install Aptana Studio 3 on Windows

By Software Levi

So, do you want to enjoy working on an easy, flexible, and free IDE? And what if it is also free? Get your hands on Aptana Studio 3! Here is a guide to help you install Aptana Studio 3 on your windows.

Aptana Studio was built using Eclipse as its base. So, if you already have Eclipse installed, then just get the plugin here.

As for those of you, looking for a standalone version of Aptana here is our complete guide:

For Windows 32-bit

The installation of the 32-bit version is pretty straight forward.


So, the first step is to download the installer. Click here to download the Aptana Studio installer.

Download the executable file from that web page.

It will then start your download.


The next step is obviously to install the IDE. For this, double click on the .exe file you just downloaded. Now, you can select the location for the setup. Select the desired location in case you don’t want it to install on the default location.

Next, just agree to the license agreement and hit that install button for the installation to begin.

Now, just sit back and let the installer do its thing.

For Windows 64-bit

Follow the same steps as mentioned for the 32-bit version. Then follow these steps:

Java 8

Since Aptana Studio is built for the 32-bit version we need to download the relevant Java 8. You can get 32 bit Java 8 from here.


Next up is configuring Aptana Studio 3. For this, open the installation path and then open AptanaStudio3.ini file. Look for -vmargs and add the line vm C:\java\32-bit\jdk1.8.0_201\bin\jawaw.exe just before it.

That’s about it. Looks like you’re ready to go.

Give Aptana Studio 3 a try and let us know of your experience. If you want to know more about the features of this IDE, take a look at this.


If you need to buy windows license you can buy one of these from Amazon: