How to create a simple website using Dreamweaver?

By Software Levi

Before you learn how to create a website using Dreamweaver here are the basics.

The Basics

Dreamweaver is an IDE for web development. It is owned by  Adobe Inc.. It is not free so you would have to buy the software.

After you have downloaded the software and installed it you would have to set it up. The first thing it will ask you is whether you have used the software before or not. If you select ‘No, I am new’ option it would ask you some further questions like workplace and theme. After this you are ready to go. 

Here is how to create a website using Dreamweaver.

Creating your website

1. Start a new project

The first step is to start a new project. For that you have to go to Site > New Site. After that you have to give your website an appropriate name and where to save it.

2. Create your web-pages

You have started your project now the second step is to create your web-pages. A website is a collection of different web-pages linked together. The most important web-pages that appear on every website are:

  • Homepage: This is the main page of the website. It is where the link of most pages of your website are available.
  • About page: This page tells the users the objective of the website.
  • Contact us: This page provides contact information about your website and is often linked with About me page.

To create a web-page go to File > New and click the document type you want your page in.

3. Start Coding


Now you can start coding your page. Add Images, hyperlinks and more using insert button on right. You can see what your website is go


ing to look like with the live view and you can also add and delete elements from there.

Sample and Templates: There are many samples and templates available on Dreamweaver, such as template for ‘About’ page and ‘Newsletter’ page, which you can modify to make your own personal website.