Geany – An advanced text editor with IDE features

By Software Levi

What is Geany?

Geany is a text editor for programmers developed by Geany authors. It is a free software which means that the first benefit you get from installing the software is that you save money. It is also open-source. Open-source softwares are more customizable than rest as they give you more control over them. The software wants it users to edit it and hack it. Moreover its objective is that all users contribute to its development so that everyone can benefit from it.

You can run it on a vast variety of operating systems including Linux, macOS, and Windows. Moreover, it also supports a wide range of programming languages like Python, Java, C, C++ and C#.

You can download Geany from here.

What makes Geany different from other text editors?

What differentiates it from other text editors are its IDE features. These features are listed below.

IDE features of Geany

  • Auto completion: This feature helps make programming faster and helps prevent errors such as typos.
  • Code Navigation: This feature allows you to quickly navigate through you code and fix problems fast. The text editor provides Symbol list, Go to Tag Definition, Find Usage and Find Document Usage functions to help in code navigation.
  • Code Folding: This feature is not an IDE-only feature however only a few text editors have it and Geany is one of them. This feature lets you hide (fold) parts of your codes to enhance readability and understandability of your code. You can hide unimportant parts of your code so that the important parts are emphasized.

Other Notable Features

  • Fast and lightweight: Like any other typical text editor Geany is also both fast and lightweight.
  • Syntax highlighting: This feature helps in reading, understanding and correcting your code.
  • Extensible: You can add desired features to the IDE by downloading relevant plugins available for free. Moreover, if you want a feature for which you cannot find a relevant plugin you can create your own and share it with other Geany users.