Features of Aptana – Free IDE for Web Applications

By Software Levi

In this article, we will walk you through the main features of Aptana Studio, a free IDE for web applications development. This open-source IDE is designed similar to Eclipse. So, it is an easy and flexible tool to build web applications. 

Moreover, Aptana Studio boasts off an incredible amount of features that enable the developers to build websites and relevant applications with great ease. All this makes it simple and straight forward to use. 

So, here are the top six features offered by this freeware:

1. Code Assist

With Aptana you get the code assist feature, it becomes even easier for the developers to write the code. Aptana Studio’s code assist feature is available for HTML, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, and CSS. While typing the code, the users are also notified about the support provided by the web browsers for each element of their code.

2. Deployment Wizard

One of the most useful features of Aptana Studio is the deployment wizard. Developers can deploy their applications using FTP, Capistrano, SFTP, and FTPS. Furthermore, for applications built using Ruby on Rails, automatic publishing feature is also available. 

3. Integrated Debugger

The integrated debugger is an amazing feature that makes debugging simpler and easier. Here, issues and bugs can be resolved and removed using the tools available in Aptana Studio. And developers can set breakpoints, inspect variables, and oversee execution. 

4. Git Integration

What is another great thing about Aptana Studio is that it comes with integration with another freeware. It is integrated with Git, an open-source, free control system. That makes life much easier for a team of developers to work on a large project through Git control system. Moreover, users can manage their source code and share their work using push, pull, and merge features. 

5. Built-in Terminal

It saves time to have a built-in terminal. Over here, the users can easily run system commands with the built-in terminal provided in the Aptana Studio.

6. Customizable Environment

Developers can also customize and script their commands. Therefore, the IDE becomes more comfortable and flexible. So, it helps the developers create an environment that suits them and meets their needs.

Aptana Studio is one of the most comprehensive and user-friendly IDES out there. The bonus is that it is free to use! So, what are you waiting for? Download it from here