Eclipse IDE – Open Source and Free

By Software Levi

What is Eclipse IDE?

Eclipse is an integrated development environment (IDE) which is a software development tool. It was developed by Eclipse Foundation. It is primarily made for developing applications using Java programming language and therefore comes pre-installed with all supporting features for it. However, you can download plugins to get support for other languages like C, C++, and Python.

The IDE is available on LinuxmacOSSolaris, and Windows which are basically the OS that most computers use.

You can download Eclipse IDE from here.

Why should you download Eclipse IDE

There are a lot of reasons that make Eclipse worth downloading. One of these reason is that the IDE is totally free. Therefore you save money and you can download it without any hesitation (since you would not be spending any money) and see whether you like it or not. Other reasons that will persuade you to use the software are its features.


Here is a list of the main features of the IDE that make it so great.

  • It is open-source which means that you have more control over the software. this also makes the software more customizable and you get a better understanding of its operations.
  • Auto Completion: The auto completion feature of the software helps in writing codes faster and to some extent helps prevent errors which may occur due to manual input such as typos.
  • Refactoring: Code refactoring helps make your code easier to understand by making them less complex. Moreover it makes it easier to find errors and makes programming faster.
  • Syntax Highlighting: This feature enhances the readability of your code. This is especially beneficial for large codes that span over many pages since a user can ignore similar codes. Moreover it also makes it easier to find errors.
  • Extensible: When you download the IDE it only comes with basic features. However you can download and add plugins to it to get additional features. Many plugins are available for Eclipse for free on its website.