Dreamweaver- A Web Development Tool

By Software Levi

What is Adobe Dreamweaver?

Adobe Dreamweaver is an integrated development environment (IDE) for web development. It was created by Macromedia and later acquired by Adobe.It is a proprietary software i.e it is neither free nor open-source. 

The IDE is available on macOS and Windows

You can download Adobe Dreamweaver from its official site by clicking here.

Dreamweaver Features

The following are the main features that make Dreamweaver so great for web development.

  • Live view: It lets you view what your website is going to look like while you are programming. 
  • Syntax highlighting: It makes it easier for you to find errors in you code and also makes it easier to read and understand.
  • Syntax checking: This feature detects and identifies bugs as you write your code. Hence you can correct them on the spot straight away.
  • Auto Completion: Dreamweaver gives you suggestions of what your code is going to be before you write it making programming a lot faster. Moreover it also prevents errors.
  • Code Folding: It helps you hide (or collapse) parts of your code that are not important so the important parts are only visible. This makes it easier to read your code since it becomes a lot shorter and it also helps in understanding it.
  • Templates: The website development tool has a lot of templates which you can use to develop your website faster. It has templates for various pages like ‘About’, ‘Newsletters’, and ‘portfolios’.
  • Display on different devices: You can preview how your website will look like on different devices with different screen sizes and optimize your website accordingly.
  • Customizable GUI: It lets you customize its GUI. You can include and exclude tools so that it displays only those tools which you want to use while coding.

Some drawbacks

The first drawback of Dreamweaver as stated above is that it is not free or open-source. One other problem of using the software is that it is heavy and slow. It requires a computer with good specs to work properly.