Bluefish – A Fast and Lightweight Text Editor

By Software Levi

An Overview Of Bluefish

Bluefish is a freeware software that also happens to be open source. The Bluefish Dev Team developed the software. It is a text editor for programming and web development. The software supports a variety of programming and markup languages. It is supported on various major operating systems including Linux, Solaris, macOS, and Windows.

To download Bluefish click here.

Why should you download Bluefish?

The software, like most other text editors, is lightweight and fast. It takes almost no time to start and can open multiple documents quickly. The other features that make it so great are listed below.


  • Search and Replace: So that you can find and correct stuff faster.
  • Unlimited undo and redo: It makes code editing easier.
  • Snippet Sidebar: It allows you to perform multiple functions by using shortcut keys which you can define.
  • Spelling checker: Helps correct spelling errors in your strings and comments. Moreover it can also identify code and doesn’t mark spelling errors in that.
  • Auto-save/Auto-recovery of document: If your work suddenly closes due to the software crashing, power failure or any other reason before you have saved it you can retrieve the modifications you have made as the software automatically saves a copy of your work.
  • Auto-complete: Makes programming faster and helps reduce mistakes.
  • Code Folding: Helps in making your code easier to understand. You can hide unimportant and repetitive part of your code so that you can emphasize the important part of the code.
  • Bracket and tags highlighting:  It highlights the matching brackets and tags.
  • Auto tag closing
  • Syntax Highlighting: By color coding different elements of your code with different colors syntax highlighting makes your program easier to understand. Moreover, since it makes it easier for you to find the part of your code that you are looking for, it also helps you detect bugs faster.
  • Code Navigation and Bookmarks
  • Extensible: It allows you to integrate external programs with the text editor such as lint, weblint and tidy for added features.