Bitpanda review – Legit or scam?

By Software Levi
Bitpanda review

In this Bitpanda Review, we discuss if is this platform legit or a scam!

Let’s review Bitpanda.

Bitpanda is an online trading platform established in 2014. Considering the fact that most online platforms are less than a year old, we can agree that Bitpanda is one of the original marketplaces.

But does that qualify it to be legit? Let’s dive further

As of 2019, Bitpanda has launched several new products such as BGE (Bitpanda Global Exchange) and the BEST (Bitpanda Ecosystem token). While BGE is your standard advanced trading platform, BEST is on a completely new level. The Bitpanda ecosystem is a utility currency for use on the Bitpanda platforms. It’s IEO grossed over 43,6m in capital for the company and is currently available for trade. I believe this furthers the legitimacy of the platform.

Is that enough though?

Bitpanda review to go voucher locations

The next two features we will discuss are Bitpanda Metals and Bitpanda To go. The platform offers you the chance to trade in precious metals. These are safely stored in a Swiss vault and are 100% insured. Something for which, you pay a premium for storage and a premium for transactions. While you might not be able to withdraw the gold, you can own the digitized rights to it. On the other hand, Bitpanda To Go is very much so physical. These are prepaid vouchers you can buy in Austria, to use for deposit on the Bitpanda platform. And their network spans to over 100s of retailers.

Conclusion Bitpanda Review legit or scam?

We believe Bitpanda is legit. Especially since we have been trading on it for quite some time. For European based traders, it’s de facto the best platform. It’s incredible IEO, longevity, Bitpanda Metals and Bitpanda To Go further cement this company as a legit trader for crypto and precious materials. We strongly recommend using Bitpanda for your online trading activities.