Best Plugins for Geany that you need now

By Software Levi

An Overview of Geany

Geany is a free and opensource text editor developed by Geany authors. Although it is a text editor the organization claims it to have IDE features.
One of the most prominent features that you would find in modern text editor and IDEs is their ability to be extensible. It means that you can add additional features to them by downloading extensions. This text-editor also has this feature. It can be extended by downloading plugins. A brief list of the best plugins for Geany is given below.

Best Plugins for Geany


This plugin provides a number of addons with small functions. The addons plugin adds a button that shows open files, ‘Open URI’ and ‘Copy URI’ in menu, task list, bookmark list, status icon, a feature that highlights a word throughout the code when you double-click it, automatic removal of trailing blank lines feature. XML tagging, automatic and quick enclose selected text feature, show colorized calltip feature and copy file path feature.

Auto Close

This plugin automatically closes { }, [ ], ( ), ” “, ‘ ‘, < >, ` ` for you. It will take care of everything related to closing these characters such as inserting the closing pair bracket, deleting extra brackets and deleting pair brackets. This will help you code faster and hopefully help prevent errors.


This plugin provides various features. These features include:

  • A simple project manager
  • Sort Lines – allows you to arrange lines in different orders
  • Comments – provides different features than the built-in comment function
  • Encoding
  • Keybindings

Moreover, the plugin is also customizable.


This plugin allows you to show and hide menu and status bar. All you have to do is press a key, which you can select using the plugin, and the menu and status bar would disappear or reappear.


This plugin checks text for any spelling mistakes. It underlines all mistakes if there are any. Moreover, Spellcheck also displays the misspelled words along with their relevant suggestions of correctly spelled words in the message window at the bottom of the text editor.