Best Plugins for Eclipse IDE that you need to download now

By Software Levi

Eclipse IDE is the most widely used Java IDE. It is equipped with all the tools you need for developing your app in Java but what about other languages? Well you can add more features to the IDE by downloading and adding plugins to it.

What are plugins?

Plugins are software components that give your software (in this case Eclipse) additional features. The advantage of software that support plugins is that the software size is greatly reduced since it only has a few main features and you can download plugins to get only the features you need.

Best Plugins for Eclipse IDE

So which plugins should you get? Here is a list of the most useful Plugins for Eclipse IDE.

Pydev, C/C++ Development Tools (CDT), PHPeclipse and other language supporting plugins 

Since Eclipse only comes with Java Development Tools (JDT) project, which supports only Java development, you have to download plugins to support other languages. There are many plugins available for this purpose such as pydev for Python, CDT for C/C++ and PHPeclipse for PHP.


The plugin helps in finding bugs such as bad use of libraries, infinite recursive loops and many more. It has more than 400 bug patterns stored in it against which it scans your code and identifies errors.


M2Eclipse allows you to integrate  Apache Maven to Eclipse. Consequently, it helps you import libraries, manage dependencies, and create new Maven projects and more.


EGit is perhaps the best plugin for Eclipse IDE. It helps integrate Git with Eclipse. It helps you keep the full history of your code with all of its revisions.


The plugin helps solve quality issues with your code. it performs tasks like spell checking and other bug detection. It supports Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python. It also gives you the liberty to disable/enable rules.


The plugin helps integrate imageJ with the IDE. ImageJ is a software that helps in the scientific analysis of multidimensional images that are in the imageJ supported format.