Best Extensions for Visual Studio Code

By Software Levi

An Overview of Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code is a source code text editor with many features that are typically not found in text editors. It is a product of Microsoft. VS Code is free and also open-source. It is available on Windows, Linux and macOS.

Like most modern text editors VS Code is also extensible that is you can add useful features to the software by downloading extensions. These features are not part of the software when you download it. Hence by downloading extensions you can tailor the text editor according to your needs.

Here is a list of the best extensions for Visual Studio Code.

Best extensions for Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio IntelliCode

This tool provide different AI based development features for various languages that are aimed to assist a programmer in his code development. It provides features such as contextual IntelliSense, argument completion, code formatting, and style rule inference. These features help eliminate errors such as typos and missing brackets. Moreover, they speed up code writing.

Live Share Extension Pack

This tool allows to share your work with others. It allows multiple users in remote locations to work on a same code at the same time. When one person edits a code the same is updated for all users in real time. Moreover, this feature is helpful for code reviews.


It formats your code automatically. Once, you save your code Prettier would format it automatically. It ensures consistency in formatting style throughout your code.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

It is a simple extension that color codes bracket (as you can tell by the name). It makes it easier for you to identify pairs of brackets.


The objective of this extension is to make your code more understandable. It helps you identify when and why a part of your code was edited and who edited it. It maintains the history of your code so that you can keep track how your code developed and changed over time.